Our luxurious minivan,
Toyota Vellfire,
goes to the extra mile
to provide exceptional

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Car Details

Toyota Vellfire
2.5HV Executive Lounge

The Most Relaxing Driving Experience.
We do our best to offer a comfortable travel moment.

Toyota Vellfire is one of the most luxurious car Toyota offers and comes with the highest grade excecutive lounge.
The car is equipped with the safety devices (Toyota Safety Sence) such as collision mitigation system.
Our car is as luxurious as the highest grade of Lexus. Please feel free to contact us when traveling with your family and friends or when you need to pick up and drop off someone important.

  • Genuine and Comfortable Leather Seats

    The executive lounge is furnished with the "Power Long Slide" which you can manipulate easily, the "Power Ottoman" that can enable you to strech your legs in the vehicle, seats that relieve stress, reclining seats and retractable rotating side tables using Yakushima cedar.

  • Electric Reclining Seats and the "Power Ottoman"

    Passenger seats and back seats are equipped with electric reclining seats and the "power ottoman", which enable you to recline your seat and strech your feet to relax after a long day of your leisure such as golfing. They are also equipped with ventilation system which warms up and cools down your seat to the optimum temperature. Each seat has a cup holder and the back seats are equipped with rectractable tables.

  • A High-Capacity Space

    The third-row seats can be holded down to make a storage space for about 4-6 luggages or 4 caddie bags.

  • 12.1 Inch TV Monitor
    in the Back Seats

    Feel free to watch any TV programs and bring your favorite DVD disks. You can also bring your video camera and watch videos using HDMI cable.

  • Huge Moonroof

    Our customers love our huge moonroof through which you can see beatiful sky, starry sky and the city night view.

  • Outlets

    5 electric outlets(AC100V 1500w)and USB power adapters are equipped in the vehicle for your devices. (We also have extra USB cables.)

  • "Nanoe" -A Humidifier Air Purifier-

    The humidifier air purifier "Nanoe" by Panasonic is always on and the air inside the vehicle is always clean.

    ※Nanoe is the ionizer to generate nano-sized atomized water particles that inhibit mould, viruses, unpleasant smell and allergic substance.

  • Car Exterior


    You might not recognize our cars as taxis because of their powerful exterior. Feel free to hail us and use our taxis when you find us!


    Our vehicles are all elegant black-colored. We use regular sized wheels for a comfortable ride and snow tires during winter so that we can drive in snowy days safely.

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Feel Free to Use Our Service in Any Situtation

  • VIP Transportation

    We promise to drive you safely to your destination. We are also available in business situations such as meetings, events and business trips. We will offer our vehicle for your own driver with an exclusive contract to drop off and pick up your executives and use it as a company car.

  • Golfing

    We serve as a private taxi to pick you up and drop you off from early in the morning till the night. We are good at chosing the fastest route to the golf course. Feel free to consult us when using us as a group of 4 or more. We will be flexible with your plans.

  • Date & Ladies Night Out

    We will support whatever you wish to do such as when you want to "create a special moment for someone special" or "have a luxurious time on the way to the theater or the cruise ship. Cashless payment is available so you can make the payment in a flash.

  • Wedding

    Our taxi is available for your wedding to pick up and drop off you and your important people. It has a high ceiling and is suitable for the bride who is dressed up with fixed hair for the photoshooting and the reception.

  • Microbus

    If you are traveling as a group and don't fit in one regular taxi, our vehicle is here to serve you. Our vehicle is suitable for not only trabevling but also memorial services, ceremonies and business trips.

Price List
※The new price was applied from September, 1st, 2023.

Our vehicles can be used at the same price as extra-large taxis with no car reservation fee.

  • Distance-based fares

    Full-size vehicle

    Initial fare (Up to 1.2km) Additional fare : 100 yen per 202 m

  • Fare based on time and distance

    Full-size vehicle

    When traveling at less than 10 km per hour 100 yen per 1 minute 15 seconds

  • Time-based fare

    Full-size vehicle

    5,000 yen per 30 minutes

Extra fares

  • Late night premium
    Late night premium (Cannot be used in conjunction with other discounts.)

    Late night and early morning premium
    From 10 P.M.
    Until 5 A.M.
    20 percent increase
  • Discount

    Physically handicapped peope and people with intellectual disabilities 10 percent discount
  • Pick up fare

    Per one vehicle 100 Yen